Carissa "Glitter" DeGuzman

Being a fire dancer and a Fire Kitten are some of the best things in my life. I took the poi fire class from Staci back in 2003 and the Fire Kittens were born. I would’ve never dreamed that this could happen, but proud that I helped create it. Fire dancing is a powerful, dangerous thing. The fire has rythym, sound and visual effects that are stellar! My specialties in fire are poi, fans and palm torches, but staff may soon be in my future.
Misti, Frisky and I have been dancing for many years now, and it’s been fun to see us grow, acquire new fire toys, and interact with each other as we dance. I love the performance aspect and am known for my wild, crazy makeup that has deemed me “Glitter”. Another part I love is the diverse shows, events, and festivals that I’ve participated in. They span all age groups, interests, and disciplines and expose me to awesome people and happenings.
My non-fire dancing hours are spent working as a graphic designer, making jewelry, participating in local festivals, snowboarding, fishing, gardening, and going to every Cirque du Soleil show with my boyfriend.